Pitman - Issue #1

Pitman - Issue #1

The outstanding researcher Professor Pitman traveled the depths of the ocean in an attempt to prove the creation of the mythical Temple of Destiny. But his efforts run into even bigger secrets that turn the existence of a strange professor with a metal ball instead of a head upside down...
Surreal adventures in the world of incomprehensible creatures and illogical actions await the careless reader.

Additional illustration in book by author.

Language: Ukrainian
Screenwriter: Yehor Klyuchnyk
Artists: Yehor Klyuchnyk, Oleksandr Parafeynyk
Publisher: Vovkulaka
Publication language: Ukrainian
Format: 169 x 267 mm
Cover: hard
Number of pages: 88
ISBN 978-617-7782-25-3
Publication date: 2022

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Tags: comics, comic book, pitman, adventure, horror, fantastic