Prism: Night Игральные карты

New Prism: Night Игральные карты

Prism: Night is a fully custom, unique and beautiful deck of playing cards inspired by the explosion of light into rainbows when passing through a prism. Each card face is printed with an extra layer of thick glossy ink which catches the light and shines at every angle. The courts are all custom, and the bold colors are striking and attractive. The tuckbox is also fully covered in thick gloss ink and bold design. Every face has the shiny ink so it will definitely stand out! Prism: Night is the first deck of playing cards created by EPC and funded on Kickstarter.


  • Gloss ink on every card face.
  • Bold colors, unique design.
  • Tactile gloss layer on tuckbox.
  • Beautiful shine from every angle.
  • Custom holographic seal with unique number.
  • Printed by Legends Playing Card Company with Diamond finish.
  • Also comes in an uncut sheet. There are very limited numbers of these available.

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